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HR Consulting

Customized HR strategy support and guidance for your unique organization.


We collaborate 1-on-1 with business leaders to reduce anxiety and overwhelm related to human resources and employee concerns in their businesses.

You can count on us to provide you with top-notch, professional service, customized to meet your organization’s needs. With a wide variety of consulting services available, from one-time consultation to on-going strategic support, we’ll find the option that is right for you and your current business needs.

Let’s dive in.

We support initiatives like these for small business leaders like you:

  • Custom Employee Handbooks. Developed using our unique 7-step process, this includes a workplace culture analysis and compliance review/education. We also roll the new handbook out to your team, and train your managers on how it will serve as a helpful tool.
  • Recruiting, Screening & Hiring. Recruitment program design and support with certain administrative tasks such as creating and maintaining job postings, assisting with candidate screening, reference checking, etc. 
  • On-Boarding. New hire orientation program development & on-boarding support. New hire experience surveys.  Assistance with all employee forms, documents & guidance developing procedures to lead your team to success every time.
  • Job Analysis and Design. Workflow analysis and job description design.
  • Compensation Analysis: external and internal market studies. Design and implementation of employee reward and recognition programs.
  • Employee Relations Support. Expert assistance with difficult employee performance and behavior situations. Guidance with progressive disipline, performance improvement plans, and assistance with employee separation.

We’ve got the right option for your unique needs.

Employer Launch Project
(0-4 Employees)

The HR Quick Start is a private, 6-session project designed to help you get established and well-organized as an employer.

Guided by your certified HR consultant, you’ll learn about HR compliance, wage and hour compliance, and get support building an HR strategy and approach that aligns with your mission, values, and workplace culture.

At the conclusion of your Employer Launch Project, you’ll prepared and organized, and have your own established policies and procedures in place for hiring, leading, evaluating, managing, and separting employees.

Schedule an Initial Introductions meeting to learn more and schedule your Employer Launch Kick Off meeting today!

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HR Quick Start
(5-50+ Employees)

The HR Quick Start is a private,
10-session project designed to inspect and refine your current HR policies and practices.

Your certified HR expert will provide resources, information and ideas so that you can build a workplace culture that drives engagement and success.

During the HR Quick Start, we dig into and discuss your top HR priorities as well as dive deep into strategy, policy and procuedures. Our HR team will do the heavy-lifting by researching and creating your refresheshed HR policies, procedures and internal tools just for your team.

At the conclusion of your HR Quick Start, you’ll feel more confident and clear on HR compliance and have a roadmap to increase employee engagement.

Schedule an Initial Introductions meeting to learn more and schedule your HR Quick Start Kick Off meeting today!

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HR Essentials: On-Going HR Support
(15+ Employees)

Ideal for organizations with 15 or more employees who have an operations or practice manager who will assist with day-to-day HR tasks and administration . As your HR parnter, we’ll provide you and your team with the regular HR support, resources and assistance you all deserve.

We serve as an integrated, always-on partner in your business, providing critical HR expertise. HR Essentials clients have access to a combination of on-going, as-needed and issue-based support.

Working hand-in-hand, our team leads the development of your: compliant Employee Handbook, job descriptions, compensation studies, compliance audits and reviews, recordkeeping systems, performance evaluation and goal setting, and training programs for your entire team.

With your HR Essentials covered, you can relax and focus on your business. Your HR team has arrived.

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Additional HR Support Options. 

Employee Handbooks.

Click here and learn more about how we can design and prepare your Custom Employee Handbooks. 

When your Employee Handbook project is complete, you will feel educated, confident, and more comfortable answering HR questions and leading HR initiatives in your business.

As-Needed HR Consulting. HR Now.

Click here to learn about and purchase your felxible, HR Now Package.

Perhaps you’re not ready to engage in an HR audit or revise your Employee Handbook. Perhaps you only need HR support a few times each year. Our HR Now Package is for you!

HR Now is a client-driven, responsive approach to providing HR support and guidance when you have a question or HR topic that you’d like to explore and discuss. Our team will analyze your needs and provide related support, resources, guidance, and tools.

Pricing & Fees: The Bottom Line

Based on the type of services desired, and length of the time that you wish to engage our services, pricing may be project-based or might be billed at an hourly rate.  We’ll work pricing out to your satisfaction and design a package that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  Don’t let your budget (or even a lack thereof) stop you from getting started now. We have designed services to support small buisness leaders at every phase and stage of buisness.

If you are interested in a hands-on, long-term, open-ended consulting support (HR Essentials pakcage) pricing will be based on your number of employees and the combination of services you select.

Discover the many ways we can make your job easier

Through our progressive HR support, let us guide you to a place in your business that you can focus on building a workplace that loyal employees love, feeling certain in your HR decisions because you have an expert in your corner giving you solid advice in real time.

Our mission is your people. When they succeed, your business succeeds.