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HR Consulting

Customized consultation for your unique organization.
Let’s dive in.

We work 1-on-1 with business leaders to reduce anxiety and overwhelm related to human resources and employee concern in their businesses.

You can count on us to provide you with top-notch, professional service, customized to meet your organization’s needs. With a wide variety of consulting services available, we’re sure there is something that we can take off of your plate today.

We support initiatives like these for small business leaders like you:

  • On-site HR presence at your business location. We call this “HR office hours.”
  • Custom Employee Handbooks. Developed using our unique 7-step process, this includes a workplace culture analysis and compliance review/education. We also roll the new handbook out to your team, and train your managers on how it will serve as a helpful tool.
  • Recruiting, Screening & Hiring. Recruitment program design and management. Candidate screening services (email and phone screening, reference checks, etc).
  • On-Boarding. New hire orientation program development & on-boarding support. New hire experience surveys. Development and roll-out of customized Employee Handbook. Assistance with all employee forms, documents & procedures.
  • Job Analysis and Design. Workflow analysis and job description design. Compensation analysis: external and internal market studies. Design and implementation of employee reward and recognition programs.

We’ve got the right option for unique needs.

HR Strategy Session – Deep Dive.

This is a 60-minute virtual consultation during which we discuss in detail: your HR concern, goals, organization, and team. We will share immediate feedback and ideas that you can implementing in your business right away. Also, following the Session, you’ll receive a follow up action-plan via email. We will provide a variety of applicable resources, actionable ideas, drafts of documents/custom samples and tools.

Your HR Strategy Session also includes an HR compliance review based on your organization size, industry and location and your HR concern.

In addition to the 60-minute initial consultation, and follow up email and resources, your team will have access to an option 30-minute follow up call as well; as we realize that once leaders get into implementation, new questions arise.

Book Now $375

Quick Fire Coaching Call.

Our Quick Fire Coaching Call is designed to get you foundational support, information and ideas so that you can get an answer to your most pressing HR question/issue – and feel ready to move forward.

In this 30-minute, live virtual session we will dig in and discuss your top HR concern and I will provide information related to HR compliance, and practical ideas you can use in your business to resolve your pressing HR issue.

Bottom line: our 30-minute Coaching Call is meant to get you critical information on compliance, and ideas that you can use to move forward.

Book Now $125

HR Essentials: On-Going HR Consultation & Support

For organizations with 25 or more employees. Let us dive into your business and provide you with the regular HR support, resources and assistance your team deserves.

The HR Answers team will provide you with the support you’d receive if you had an in-house, expert HR team. You will have access to a combination of as-needed, issue-based support, as well as a comprehensive approach to helping manage compliance, and your HR policies and programs.

Working together, our team leads the development of you: compliant Employee Handbook, job descriptions, compensation studies, compliance audits and reviews, recordkeeping systems, performance evaluation and goal setting, and training programs for your entire team.

With your HR Essentials covered, you can relax and focus on your business.

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Other ways we can work together.

Custom Employee Handbooks & HR Reviews. Schedule an Initial Consultation today and take the first step to getting your new full-scope, custom Employee Handbook or starting a comprehensive HR Quick Start for your organization! When our project is complete, you will be feeling educated, confident and more comfortable leading HR activities in your business.

Workplace Investigations. Has an employee submitted a compliant or grievance? Let our expert, Niki Ramirez, lead your internal fact-finding investigation. Niki’s reports and recommendations can be taken confidently to your CEO, Executive Director, Board of Directors, or attorney.

HR Reviews & Audit: full-scope or single area compliance reviews. Our team is ready to dive into your organization’s HR practices and provide you with analysis and expert recommendations. Common reviews and audit cover: employee files, I-9’s, W4’s, recruiting and hiring practices, performance appraisal systems, workers compensation and general safety, employee leave management, employee disability accommodation compliance, and more.

Pricing & Fees: The Bottom Line

Pricing is flexible. Based on the type of services desired, and length of the time that you wish to engage our services, pricing may be project-based or might be billed at an hourly rate.  We’ll work pricing out to your satisfaction.  Don’t let your budget (or even a lack thereof) stop you from getting started now.

Typically, training seminar/workshop pricing is based on the length of the session developed, the number of sessions presented, and the number of employees participating.  A materials fee may be assessed based on the number of participants.  Click here for more detailed information on our training and development services.

If you are interested in a long-term, open-ended consulting relationship, pricing may be based on your number of employees and the combination of services you select.

Discover the many ways we can make your job easier

Through our progressive HR support, let us guide you to a place in your business that you can focus on building a workplace that loyal employees love, feeling certain in your HR decisions because you have an expert in your corner giving you solid advice in real time.

Our mission is your people. When they succeed, your business succeeds.