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HR Samples to Keep Your Day Moving

HR questions? Tired of wondering what to do next? On this page, we share a variety of our most popular resources for small business leaders.

With decades of experience in human resources leadership, the HR Answers team is here to help.

Browse this page and grab what you need, and always feel free to share with friends!

Not sure exactly what to do, even after downloading a resource? We understand. Schedule an Initial Consultation to discuss ways that our team can support you and your HR needs.

Please note: The information and resources provided on this page serve only as samples. All company policies, forms and procedures should be reviewed by company leadership, your HR expert, or your attorney.


5 Ways We Can Work Together:

  1. Work privately, 1:1 with a certified, expert HR consultant to analyze, and build/refine HR programs that support your mission, vision, and values.
    • If you have 5+ employees, join us for this journey as we lead the way through your The HR Quick Start  – our most popular package – A comprehensive HR Audit and Review + Support with strategy, policies, and procedures.
    • If you have 0-4 employees, work with your HR consultant  through our Employer Launch Program to craft initial policies, procedures and build a strong foundation based on compliance and clear communication with your team.
  2. Contact us today for help crafting a full-scope, custom Employee Handbook for your organization! Our 7-step process, which includes a business and culture analysis is like NO other handbook project you’ve seen.
  3. Full-Service HR Consulting for businesses with 20 or more employees (including an office manager or business manager who will support day-to-day HR needs on-site)
  4. Or! Let us provide your team with engaging, motivating, custom training and leadership team development. We faciltiate training sessions and workshops both virtually and in-person on a wide variety of topics that promote employee satisfaction, deep professional connections, and organizational success.


2024 Employee Handbook Top Tips & Updates 

Creating or updating an Employee Handbook is an important task for every leader. Whether you’re going to handle it DIY, or you’d like the help of an expert HR Consultant, this list of tips and considerations is going to get your project started on the right foot. Download your copy of this helpful tool today, and contact us when you have questions – or if you’d like us to take this project off of your plate completely!

Download your copy of the 2024 Handbook Top Tips by simply clicking HERE!

Interviewing & Hiring – Do’s and Don’ts for Leaders 

Interviewing and selecting new employees can be daunting. The most common questions that our team of HR Experts gets from small business leaders is: “What can I ask about, and what should I NOT ask about during an interview?” Our team offers consultation on a wide variety of HR issues and can help you map out your hiring policies and procedures – all with an eye on maintaining compliance with rules and regulations, and building a workplace that your employees love.

Download your copy of our Interview Do’s and Don’ts now:

11 Great Ways to Show Employee Appreciation 

Showing appreciation should be a year-round activity, not just something we do around the holidays! Looking for some ideas that you can use TODAY to show appreciation for your employees? Need low-cost or no-cost ideas?

Great! You’re in the right place. Together, our team has over 100 years of professional experience in HR and leadership and we’ve put together the only cheat-sheet you’ll ever need.

Download your [FREE] copy by clicking here! 

Is the privacy of employee records a priority in your business? It should be. Here is a sample policy that you can use to govern the management of employee files.

SAMPLE Employee File Maintenance Policy

[Company Name] employee files are maintained by the human resources department and are considered confidential.

Managers and supervisors, other than the HR director and their subordinates, may only have access to personnel file information on a need-to-know basis.

Any manager or supervisor considering the hire of a former employee or the transfer of a current employee may be granted access to the file, or limited parts of it, in accordance with applicable non-discrimination regulations.

Personnel files are to be reviewed [in the HR department office], even by managers and supervisors. Personnel files may not be taken outside the department, even by managers and supervisors.

Representatives of government or law enforcement agencies, in the course of their normal duties, may be allowed access to file information. This decision will be made at the discretion of the [Title of Company Official] or the HR department in response to the employee’s request, a valid subpoena or a valid court order.

Employee file access by current and former employees will generally be permitted upon request within [insert number of days based on state law requirements] days of the request.

Whether you’re dealing with a winter storm, a hurricane or wildfire, having a policy in place to address absences due to inclement weather is key.

SAMPLE Severe Weather & Disaster Policy 

Severe weather is to be expected during certain months of the year. Except in cases of severe storms or disasters, all employees are expected to work our regular hours. Time taken off due to severe weather conditions while the business remains open is to be used as [PTO or is unpaid].

Exempt employees may be provided time off with pay when necessary to comply with state and federal wage and hour laws.

If extreme weather conditions require closing of the roads or highways in the immediate area surrounding the Company, or the the building is closed, you will be notified by your supervisor.

As a benefit to employees, non-exempt employees will be paid for half of their normally scheduled hours when the business is closed due to severe weather.

We provide comprehensive Employee Handbook development services.

Cold Weather and Winter Driving Safety Tips for All Employees 

Do you have employees who are required to drive for work? Are they on the road in the winter weather?
This Quick Take Tool is for you to share directly with your employees, giving them a leg up and awareness of winter safety on the road.

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