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HR Pros

Resources for HR Pros

As Human Resources professionals, we are required to stay up to day on all of the latest developments in the industry.

HR Answers team of experts is ready to assist you and your team by providing support and guidance so that you can get more done. Also, we love HR so much that we are now accredited to offer recertification credit for HR professionals. Ask us how we can build a custom re-certification program for your team!

We provide support in a wide variety of areas, including the following:


Training for team members; policy development; development of procedures and forms; and program audits.


Training for team members related to Compliance and Best Practice in Accommodations; policy development; procedures and forms; compliance audit.


Training for team members on the Wage & Hour Compliance Basics and Best Practice; compliance and recordkeeping audits.

IRCA & I9's

Compliance training for team members; policy and procedure development; recordkeeping and compliance audits.

Workers Compensation

Program management trainings, strategy development and audits.

Performance Management

Performance appraisal system and strategy development, training and implementation for team members.

Succession Planning & Workforce Development

Strategy, procedure and support for you and your team that will help ensure that your leadership pipeline is full.

Conducting Internal Investigations

In-house training for your team on best practices and strategies for conducting effective internal investigations.

Employee Engagement & Job Satisfaction

Assistance developing a survey strategy and method; help collecting and organization data that you can use to guide organizational development opportunities and set goals.

Discover the many ways we can make your job easier

Through our progressive HR support, let us guide you to a place in your business that you can focus on building a workplace that loyal employees love, feeling certain in your HR decisions because you have an expert in your corner giving you solid advice in real time.

Our mission is your people. When they succeed, your business succeeds.