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Employee Handbooks

Top 3 Reasons to have an Employee Handbook:


Wishing you had the structure to communicate consistent expectations to employees across teams and across the company? Need a place to share all relevant information and processes with your people? Dreaming of building a company culture that sets the tone for successful employment for each person from the first day they start with you?

Regardless of what your team looks like, an employee handbook is the tool to make that happen. More than a dry collection of do’s and don’ts, an employee handbook can be an exciting place to celebrate your people and show them that their role within your company is both important and valued. It served as a foundation for open communication and clarify in your workplace, fortifying relationships and helping leaders facilitate accountability.

But putting an excellent employee handbook together takes a ton of time, effort, and thought to create an end result that you’re proud to share with each and every employee. What if you forget something important? What if you add too much irrelevant information? How much time is it really going to take away from your other commitments to the business?

If you’re a leader dedicated to the success of the company as a whole, outsourcing the creation of an employee handbook could be the smartest thing you decide to do for your HR. This means you can spend your valuable time focusing on what you do best as a leader and leaving the HR details to us — the experts.


  1. Build the work culture you’ve dreamed of! Set the tone for successful employment from day one.
  2. Communicate consistent expectations to all employees, across all teams.
  3. Share important information, like: attendance policies, benefits, holidays, safety policies, and more!


Contact us today if you could use the help of an HR expert to get your Employee Handbook together.

What’s included in the HR Answers Employee Handbook Project? 


Our Unique 7-Step Employee Handbook & Small Business HR Audit Package includes:

  1. Business & Workplace Culture Analysis: Comprehensive Handbook Development Survey
  2. Small Business compliance review: federal, state and local regulations
  3. 1:1 Deep Dive – Small Business HR Review and Audit
  4. Draft, edit and finalize new/revised Employee Handbook
  5. Create a plan for your team to introduce new Handbook and policies to employees
  6. Develop on-going employee orientation plan
  7. On-going consultation and support, 2-hours


Also Available:

  • Manager and Supervisor Handbook Training
  • Live and/or recorded Employee Handbook “Roll Out”


Optional On-Going Services Available:

  • On-going support via our HR Hotline for Employees
  • Full-service, on-going HR consultation
  • Employee Training and development support
  • HR Projects and Special Audits

Ready for your Employee Handbook Crash Course?

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