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Training and Development Services

Unleash the Power of Training in your Organization!

It’s a fact: employees who are provided with quality training are more effective in their job, can better serve customers, and are happier at work (and in life!). Over time, this leads to a decrease in turnover and more satisfied customers – now that’s a win for everyone!

There are other benefits to investing in training your employees: like sparking their desire to innovate and improve operations for the organization.  Sometimes the only edge you have on your competition is your people. Not only is training a great way to increase your employees’ skill and inspire them to perform at a higher level, it also serves as a platform for improvement and effective implementation of business strategies and goals.

All sessions are customized to your unique organization – your values, your culture, policies, your procedures, your road to success! 


What people are saying about HR Answers training:

“The training was very good, and I found it productive!” – Michael E., Communication / Conflict Resolution & Team Building Half-Day

“So many great activities and discussions, the day flew by!” Blake B., Communication / Conflict Resolution & Team Building Half-Day

“Niki made an uncomfortable topic easy to discuss.” James S., Non-Discrimination & Workplace Civility

“All the info actually can be implemented! I’m looking forward to our next training!” Florence B, Unlocking Your Employee’s 5-Star Performance

“Niki uses great examples that really make the information useful.” Olsen D, Unlocking Your Employee’s 5-Star Performance

“Everything was broken down into parts that I can take to work with me. Thanks!” Blanca C., Delivering Excellent Customer Service Every Time

Your organization is unique. Your employees are valuable. Hire us for custom training.

Popular training topics – Available in Person or Online!

Communication, HR & Business Success Skills – 1 Hour Sessions: 

  • Creating a Comfortable Work Environment: Non-Harassment & Non-Discrimination 2019
  • Communication Skills – a variety of sessions are available!
  • Conflict Resolution – sessions for every level of ability available
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Excellent Customer Service – Every Time
  • How to be a Great Team Member
  • Time, Task and Priority Management
  • Responding to and Addressing Negativity & Stress at Work
  • Business Etiquette for 2019

Sessions for Supervisors, Managers & Organization Leaders:

  • Buddy to Boss: First Time Supervisor Training
  • Interviewing & Selecting the Best Employees
  • Running Effective Meetings – More than an Agenda
  • Leader as Coach: Keys to Unlocking Employee Potential
  • Strategic Coaching & Corrective Action
  • Unlocking Employees’ 5-Star Performance
  • Employee Recognition that Works
  • Improving Employee Retention to Improve the Bottom Line
  • Best Practices in Progressive Discipline & Employee Guidance
  • Form I-9 Compliance and Audit Best Practices
  • Wage & Hour Laws that Every Manager Needs to Know
  • HR Recordkeeping How-To’s for Managers and Supervisors
  • Documentation 101: If it isn’t documented it didn’t happen

Half-Day Custom Learning Experiences for Leaders at all Levels: 

  • Human Resources Boot Camp – Get an introduction to basic human resources concepts that all managers and supervisors can use.
  • First Time Supervisors – Skills Camp – Being a new supervisor presents common challenges. Learn to anticipate these challenges and respond with grace and skill, which keeps your employees on track.
  • Aspiring to Leadership – Leadership is an art and a skill. The more we study it and practice, the more effective we are as leaders.  Learn to be a leader that others want to follow.

Don’t waste another dollar sending your employees to a massive seminar where attendees all receive the same information, regardless of company culture, procedures and policies. Let us develop a custom experience for your team so that their time spent in training is productive and impactful!

Workshops – Different from a typical training session/class environment, at the end of a workshop session, you’ll have a finished “product” that you can implement.

These custom workshops can be designed and facilitated specifically for YOUR team:

  • Change Management
  • Developing and Living Your Company’s Mission & Vision
  • Creating an Effective Organizational Structure
  • Developing Your Organization’s Compensation Philosophy & Strategy
  • Designing a Performance Appraisal System that Works

HR Training for HR Pros (HRCI recertification credit available for certified HR professionals):

  • Family Medical Leave Act: Overview and Tips for Compliant Administration
  • Fair Labor Standards Act: Wage and Hour Regulation
  • American’s with Disabilities Act: Overview and Administration
  • Harassment & Non-Discrimination in the Workplace: Training for HR Pros
  • OSHA & General Safety for Every Workplace
  • National Labor Relations Act: Application for Non-Union Workplaces
  • Succession Planning & Strategic Staffing
  • Change Management in Human Resources
  • Developing Job Descriptions that Work

All training seminars and workshops include accompanying materials such as workbooks, presentations, worksheets, reading material, pre or post-quizzes and an online survey of the training.

Included in All Training Packages: 

In addition to the materials included with this service, your company will enjoy a unique pre- and post-training assessment.  We will guide you through a series of thoughtful questions to assist us in developing the best training session for your organization.

Following the successful implementation of training, we will take time to evaluate the session, re-cap and reflect, and discuss the return on investment (ROI) that your team is enjoying!


The Investment:

So, I bet you’re wondering how much training costs?  Let’s just say this: we’re in the business of providing cost-effective training for every size organization. Believe me, smarter, happier, more efficient employees are in YOUR budget!


Note: Training material is provided as an education tool only. Training is not intended to constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice, we can assist you in connecting with a skilled Attorney that is experienced in the practice of labor/employment law

Discover the power of custom training for your organization!

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