Updated: 3/18/2020 10:20  a.m. Pacific
First, we’re here for you.
Take a deep breath and relax. We’re sending you good vibes and wishes for health and happiness. 
Our team is working extended hours to ensure that you have important information and resources at your fingertips.
  Your team is likely in flux right now. The quickly evolving situation with the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has everyone wondering what to do; seeking advice and support. Again, we are here to support you. 
Employees are looking to *you* to provide them with carefully crafted messages expressing your care and concern. Also, they want action-items >>> specific steps that they should take right now to keep themselves healthy and protected right now.
If you haven’t communicated formally on this topic with your team yet, consider doing so ASAP. They are waiting to hear from you. We’ve stayed up late the last couple of nights working on tools and resources.
The quick list of things your employees are wondering:
– What should they do if their job involves contact with the public?
– What does “social distancing” mean at work?
– What should they do if they feel sick or become ill; or if they have to care for someone who is?
– Will you consider letting them “borrow” PTO or paid sick time?
– In crafting your communications with employees, we suggest relying on information from the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Stuck on what to say or how to direct your team? Let us help you get started.

1 – Check out our Handouts for Supervisors & Employees. We’ve prepared a tool for both leaders (supervisors and managers) and employees that we trust you’ll find helpful.

Download your [free] Keeping Employees Healthy at Work handouts by clicking here.

2 – And, here is a sample memo expressing concern and compassion for your team.

Simply click here to download your [free] sample memo that you use as a “jumping off point” for your employee communication.

What the heck is “Social Distancing” and why are we being asked to do it? 
Click here for resources from Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System/Public Health

Also, are you assigning employees to work from home?
Let us save you time and help you get this done well from the start. We’ve published an updated, expertly prepared, attorney-reviewed remote work/telecommute policy and Employee Agreement. You can get your copy by clicking hereTo make this accessible to as many business leaders as possible, this policy and Employee Agreement are on sale now, just $29 (normally $49).
Not sure what to say? That’s understandable. Be in touch. Let’s work it out.

Would you like to discuss your unique challenges with an HR expert?

We recommend scheduling a Quick Fire Coaching call – a virtual session to discuss your HR and workplace questions and concerns. Due to increased demand, to make these sessions more affordable, we’ve dropped the price of these Quick Fire sessions from $149 to $97.

Links & Helpful Resources

CDC Situation Summary – COVID-19

Unemployment Questions and State-by-State Resources

 U.S. Department of Labor – Wage & Hour Resources

OSHA Emergency Preparedness – Evacuation & Shelter-in-Place Guidelines 

State Labor Offices 
DOL.gov – State Labor Office Links

EEOC Pandemic Guidance, 2009
EEOC.gov – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission