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Redesign Your 9-to-5

Redesign Your 9-to-5


If you have ever thought of launching your own business either as a side gig or as a full-time passion, forever changing how your 9-to-5 looks, then this book is for you.

In Redesign Your 9-to-5, you find out how 50 of the world’s most ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs made the decision to turn on the “open” sign to their physical or virtual shops.

Can it be scary?  Absolutely!

Is it worth it?  Without a doubt!

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Are you ready to strike out on your own? I remember the day that I took that leap!

A book specially crafted for budding entrepreneurs, by successful, fulfilled entrepreneurs.

In these pages, you find out from go-getters who have businesses in areas such as software, marketing, coaching, hospitality and tourism, event planning, chiropractic medicine, martial arts, radio broadcasting, professional organizing, trade show consulting, naturopathic medicine, and many more.

Each of the following business owners and entrepreneurs gives you a glimpse into the real world of business ownership, mistakes to avoid, lessons learned, and a piece of advice that speaks directly to the aspiring business owner or entrepreneur—something they wish they had known prior to making the bold move to redesign their 9-to-5:

Karen Barno • Christina Bellman • Michelle Blanchard • Jim Cermak • Bianca Chandler • Shyla Collier • Roy Cotton, Jr. • Wendy Coulter • Nicole M. D’Agostino • Elizabeth Dillon • Sithari Edirisooriya, D.C. • Michael Fritzius • Chandra Gore • Florence Gaspard • Damon Givehand • Kiala Givehand, MFA, EdS. • Jacqueline Griffin • Molika Gupta • Kelly Hale  • Clinton Harris • Marcus Hinschberge • Eric Holtz • D. Kay Hutchinson • La’Vista Jones, CLBC • Shawnte Jones • Ruchi G. Kaira • Vered Kogan • Christina Kumar • Monika Labbé • Dr. Ana Lara • Darryl A. Lasker  • Scott Leeper • Bilal Abdus Liggins • Diamonique Lundy • Kevin L. Maevers • Patti Lynn Mamalis • John Mapel • Deah Berry Mitchell • Simone E. Morris • Rachael Mazvita Nyamwena-Sabondo  • Tisha Marie Pelletier • Niki Ramirez • JW Rayhons • Joan R. F. Robinson • Samantha “Sam” Root • Elaine Simpson • Kristina Swift • Hope Phillips Umansky, PhD • Amber Taggard, MS • Kyira Wackett, MS, LPC

Paperback: 334 pages

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-9998901-6-5