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Kolbe A™ Index + Private Interpretation with Niki Ramirez, Certified Consultant (SALE through April 30)

Kolbe A™ Index + Private Interpretation with Niki Ramirez, Certified Consultant (SALE through April 30)



It’s time to do more, naturally.

The Kolbe A™ Index (Instinct Test) is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive. Use your custom Kolbe A™  Index Results to be more productive, less stressed, and unlock joy at work, and with friends and family!

The Kolbe A™ Index is an assessment of your strengths, your natural abilities, and the way you do creative problem-solving. It is not about how smart you are. It’s not your personality type. It’s how you get things done, and you do it best when you do it your natural way. It’s about your natural ways of problem-solving and working to achieve goals.

The Kolbe A + Debrief with Niki Ramirez will help you reduce stress and conflict and increase productivity at work.


Let’s Dive in.

Part 1: Purchasing Your Kolbe A™ Index Credit:

When you purchase a Kolbe A ™ Index credit from the team (here online), you’ll receive a $5 discount off of the regular list price.

When you will take your Index. You will be contacted via email within 2 business days with your unique link and a personal invitation to complete the Index.

Once you complete the Index using your unique link/invitation, your results will be shared with you immediately! 

Part 2: Meeting for your 1:1 Private Debrief:


Once your results are in, you will be invited to book your “Touch Base by Invitation Only” 30-minute meeting with your Certified Consultant, Niki Ramirez at this link – and don’t worry, Niki will know right away when your results are in and will reach out and remind you to book your 1:1 session.

During your private debrief session, Niki will answer any questions you may have about your results, as well as offer insight into how you can capitalize on your instincts at work and in life! Niki will also share a bit of information about how you can best work with people who are unique and different from you in order to reduct confict.




Interested in a Whole Team Kolbe Experience?
Let’s get your Exceptional Teams Workshop Scheduled!

Creating a workplace that your employee’s LOVE begins with truly understanding their unique way of striving for success!

The more we know about our instincts, the more success and fulfillment we will have working with others! Leaders can use the results of the Kolbe A™ to build a better, more equitable workplace, and ensure that all team members have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Why we love the Kolbe System™ at Focusing on instincts is an equity-based approach to leadership. A Team Success Workshop is a great way to forge stronger, more meaningful and prodcutive connections at work. When we are more connected, we are more accoutnable. 

Contact us and schedule an Initial Introductions call and we can discuss options for your entire team to complete their Kolbe A™ Indices, and then learn and grow stronger together in a Team Success Workshop designed just for you.