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Employee Handbooks

Top 3 Reasons to have an Employee Handbook:


  1. Set the tone for successful employment from day one.
  2. Communicate consistent expectations to all employees, across all teams.
  3. Share important company information, like: attendance policies, benefits, holidays, safety policies, and more!

Contact us today if you could use the help of an HR expert to get your Employee Handbook together.

What’s included in the HR Answers Employee Handbook Project? 

Our Employee Handbook Service includes:

  • Current handbook policy audit (where applicable)
  • 1:1 Review of applicable federal and state employment guidelines
  • Comprehensive Handbook Development Survey
  • New or revised Employee Handbook Documents (electronic)
  • Employee Acknowledgement Form for personnel file
  • Employee Orientation Presentation Document (PDF)

Additional Services Available:

  • Manager and Supervisor Handbook Training
  • Live, in-person Employee Handbook “Roll Out”
  • Recorded online Handbook Orientation session

Ready for your Employee Handbook Crash Course?

Download the Crash Course and policy list now!

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