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Employee Discipline & Feedback E-Book by [Digital Download]

Employee Discipline & Feedback E-Book by [Digital Download]


Providing employees with meaningful feedback that makes an impact on their performance isn’t always easy. Download this e-book for strategies and tools you can use today.



Employees need to know where they stand. They deserve it.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to create clarity and ensure that employees are truly given a chance to succeed at work. From properly analyzing an employee’s history with the organization, to taking steps to guide an employee to improvement, having a game plan when it comes to employee discipline is an important piece of the puzzle!

In this E-Book, you’ll get a detailed, step-by-step plan to analyze your unique situation, as well as consider a variety of “next steps” that you can take — all the while ensuring that you’re communicating clearly and confidently.

Part 1: Providing Tough Feedback, including information on using the B.I.E. model of

Part 2: Discipline Considerations & Checklist

Part 3: Managing a Workplace Incident or Accident Investigation

SAMPLE: Progressive Discipline Policy

BONUS: 21 Powerful Phrases Your Employee Need to Hear