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What does “good fit” mean when hiring employees?

Question submitted by:  Luis, business owner in Tempe, AZ

I am sure we can all agree that finding the “right person” for an open position, whether it is a newly created position, or one that you’re backfilling due to another employee’s departure, is critical to the continued success of your organization.  Beyond being qualified for your position, its important that you select a candidate that will be a “good fit” within your organization, and within their workgroup.  So, how do we determine if someone will be a good fit?

Plan a quick meeting:  After you’ve solidified a formal job description for the position and before you begin interviewing, make time to meet with the person who will directly supervise this new employee, as well as a representative (or two, or three) from the workgroup that they will join once selected.

Facilitate a discussion: At this meeting, facilitate an open dialogue about the workgroup, for example: way that the team gets their work done; what their preferred method of communication is; what hours does the team generally work; when do they prefer to have team meetings; how often do they physically meet to collaborate.

In addition to the desired “way of working”, discuss the personality type and professional characteristics that the team is looking for in this person, for example: punctual; honest; reliable; creative; analytical; confident; high-energy; good sense of humor, etc.

Prepare the right interview questions: once you’ve decided what a “good fit” looks like, you can work to develop a series of interview questions and/or activities that bring out this information as a natural part of the process.

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